Change - The Seasons of Life

September 7, 2016

Life is never static, therefore it is always changing. Life never settles into some place where it's going to ride out its time for all of time.  Life is always building, and in the building sometimes it adds things and at other times it takes them away. There are times where advances move us forward, but where reversals also move us forward despite our frequent inability to understand that reality.  Sometimes life changes in ways we like, and at other times it changes in ways that are less than favorable. Whatever the case might be, life changes and we are part of life.  Therefore, we are both build for and maximized by change.  As part of that journey, we need to focus on the unseen opportunities in change rather than fight it out of our fear of it. This brief video outlines a fresh perspective on change and how to incorporate healthy change into our lives.


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